Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Get on Board with the Exchange Idea

So after we 9 counties 16 murals and 4000 miles (6437km for you on the Euro mainland) we are back in the UK planning our next exchange trip.

We would like to say thanks all the new friends we met, staff and owners of all the hostels that let us spray paint their walls and doors and rooms with our own unique way of cheering up a blank piece of space.

The reaction around Europe has been amazing, the media coverage we got from every country was a lovely surprise and a welcome realisation that people were really on board with the exchange idea. 

This leads me nicely on to how you too can get on board with supporting  the exchange idea.

We have set up a Trevolta page with is crowd funding site for travellers with unique ideas. 

We need your help with the next leg of the exchange trip! if you could share it or donate on it or send it to that really rich friend that has loads of cash that would be great.
any donation would me amazing with gift rewards for money pledged.

Please check out our Trevolta page for more details and thanks for reading and helping

or email us on