Thursday, 20 March 2014

IDa4 Exhibition Party in Association with Stonewall

We are happy to announce that Stonewall Charity are supporting us for new exhibition and fundraiser on Saturday 22nd March and they will be getting the proceeds from the Selling of the Sochi Winter Olympic original pieces being produced by IDa4.

     Exhibition Party   Saturday 22nd March

Live Street Art: Newcastle’s best graffiti      artists performing live
Drag Queen Cabaret
So What Robot.. performing live
Carpet Pissers.. performing live
Techno D.J’s from 10pm -2 am
Bubble Machine/Lasers/V.J’s
Mobile Cocktail Lounge
Chance to win a IDa4 original art work and other prizes

Selling an Original Olympic Protest Piece for     International  LGBT Charity  Stonewall

Doors open 7pm till 2am
£4 entry


Tuesday, 4 March 2014

IDa4 Exchange Trip and European Festivals 2014

IDa4 is currently organising the second leg of the hostel exchange idea around Europe. We are planning to hopefully leave at the end of March.

We have hostels in the Netherlands and Germany interested, with Rotterdam and Berlin places that we will be spending most of the time.

We would like to announce that IDa4 will; be painting at Pfingst-Open-Air (POA) in Passau, Germany.

a little about the festival:

If you are interested in the exchange idea or like what we do, please get in touch to know more.

This is a video based on the last leg of trip with the hostel owners reactions.