Saturday, 14 December 2013

13# IDa4 MURAL IN EUROPE:Ljubljana, Slovenia. Tresor Hostel

So about Ljubljana

With a dazzling hilltop castle as her crown and the emerald-green Ljubljanica River at her feet, Ljubljana is a small princess. But her pint size conceals a wealth of culture, sights, activities and good old-fashioned fun that would be the envy of a city twice her size. And best of all, everything is within such easy reach

View from Ljubljana castle

Old part of town

So about the Hostel

Former bank transformed into unique urban getaway
Hostel Tresor is a superb example of how a grey and staid home of bankers can be transformed into something lively and cutting edge, about as far from its severe and strict origins as you can imagine. Now, Tresor's most noble currency is the pleasure and experiences of their guests.

I recommend you come and Make your own 'getaway' in this former bank

So about the Art

As I mentioned before this building was formally a bank and only opened in March 2013, so everything was brand new and well thought about. A looked like a lot of investment and love had gone into this place.

So we were thinking where would our art go and what could we do to this new build.  I think the company was worried too, because on our arrival we had a meeting with the architect that designed the concept for the building and the manager of the hostel.

After a friendly discussion we decided to do interactive stencils of a bank robbery scene coming up from the vault in the basement.

The staff were so enthusiastic and loved the idea so much that they wanted to be in it too.  So we had one as a robber trying to escape through the skylight and the other a security guard "on duty"

We were really happy with the outcome of this one and by the looks of the guests going down to the "vault" TV/common room they liked  it too

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

12# IDa4 MURAL IN EUROPE:Celje, Slovenia. MCC Hostel

Our Time In Celje...

Well I'll start  this blog entry with a simple question: when is the right time to say i love you?
Well for us, Slovenia and especially Celje, it was love at first sight! I don't think we have had such a lovely and amazing time since we started this journey 3 months ago. 

From the long, long drive from Milan to Celje, we were welcomed at the MCC by a very enthusiastic 17 old receptionist, who was really welcoming and showed us around the very impressive hostel.  He told us that the hostel was recently refurbished and that they had got local artists to come up with concepts for each room, based on characters, myths and legends of Celje. He also told us the history and the story behind every room, the Ninja room was our favourite! ( a guy dressing up as a ninja and throwing death stars at police?)

When we dumped our bags, we went down for the obligatory pint of lager, where we first met Eva,  We chatted outside, while drinking Lascko and the national spirit, a Blueberry Liqueur. then we chatted on a bit more,  finding out she's a talented abstract artist and in two bands. cool girl.

After this warm welcome we'd thought we hit the town for a few more beers, where we came across Metropol, a bar with a art cinema attached,  inside we found another warm welcome in Anja behind the bar and her good friend Mitja, who gave us a detailed list of all the best places to visit in Slovenia.  from food, to caves to general sights.   We spent the rest of the night, drinking Laško and his grandfathers homemade wine! very nice it was, this homemade wine was going to be a tradition in our stay in Celje.

Mitja and Anja were so nice to us and made us so welcome that night Mitja even suggested we meet up the next morning for a personal tour around his home city, this was a lovely gesture and we found out about the history of the place and what were the most liked building in the city. we were also induced to burek a Bosnian pastry dish filled with three different types of meat, they also do a cheese version.  This was going to be our staple diet while here.  (Greggs our favourite bakery in the UK have lots to learn from this delicious snack!

We went back to the hostel and were greeted by more loveliness in the shape of the two receptionists Deveda and Netica.  and behind the bar we meet Nejc, Sašo and Stopar

This place was beginning to feel like home!

The next night we were making food and  Đevada and her boyfriend Matjaž , popped into the hostel to see us, so we all sat down and shared a meal that i had prepared together, while drinking Matjaž's homemade wine, this wine was so nice, you'd pay top dollar back home for it!  they left but not before inviting us  to a poker evening the next day, MINT!

So anyway, the same night we ventured out to see a bit more of Celje, we ended up in the local hang out for artists called, TamkoUčiri, again we were meet by really friendly people and were shown around the local gallery even though it was approaching midnight! 

The art in there was amazing , we returned to the bar where we were drinking with Celje elite artists and musicians, this city was just getting better and better, they invited us back the next night for a private party... hmmmm poker or private party.. one of life's tough decisions

Well we choose. Poker with Matjaž  and the boys! We glad we did, out of 50 people, Chris came 3rd and won the bronze prize of a poker t-shirt, sun glasses and a 10 euro health certificate. Nice!
After the game we went back to the  MCC bar to witness, if I'm to be honest the best and probably the worst  and definitely the funniest and the drunkest  magician I have ever seen. I nearly fell off my stool I was laughing so much.  the guy was accidental genius!

The next night was the wine night at Matjaž and  Đevada's.   To get invited to a night like this means the world to me and Chris, and what travelling is all about to us. A side of the country and people you don't see on any tick list in a travel book. 

Our hosts could not have been nicer, lovely people.  When we arrived we were promptly introduced to everyone then taken to Matjaž's wine cellar where he keeps his freshly made homemade wine, he told us with great pleasure about the history of the wine, how they make it and its process. 
We tried the two types and both were nice but, the white was good enough, you would have ordered it in a restaurant.  We were then told he had produced 200 litres of the stuff! this was going to be a night to remember! or try to remember in the morning!

Well the night pasted quickly and presently, with new friend made, dancing and a good sing-along at the end of the night to Balkan songs, some I even( thought) I knew the words to. good wine!
But we were here to do some art, so I think I better talk about that now!! but thank you to Eva Verdev,  Đevada Mehmedovic , Nastja Rogač, Stopar Miha, Sašo Wimmer, Anja Popov, Nastja Jezernik, Matjaž Dolenc  for making this a place to remember for us. and also a  big thank you to Klemen Sagadin, who is the manager and was the one who said yes in the first place, organised the media fest, unfortunately we didn't see much of him because his wife just gave birth to their second baby, thanks and congratulation.

I cannot recommend Celje and the MCC more, if your thinking about coming to Slovenia, come to this city and this hostel! you wont regret it and you might, just like us, not want to leave..

So about the Art.

We were happy to find out that we were part of a media festival, at the MCC when we arrived with poster and leaflets  explaining what we were doing with the exchange idea and what we would be doing in the hostel.  We were even interviewed on Slovenian television for TV Celje

We are given two huge walls to do in the middle of the court yard. one would be the theme of the people holding the monuments and the other would be more abstract with different images in a frame like shapes, dotted round the wall.

The monuments that we used were the castle, the train station and the Slovenian flag. The images on the other abstract wall were some of IDa4's favourite one's with links back to North east with the Tyne bridge and north eastern sayings. 

Monday, 2 December 2013

SKY NEWS INTERVIEW No:2 Update on the Exchange Idea

Sky News has done an update on the exchange idea.
Jenny Wotherspoon has done another amazing job and we thank her for her continued support.

To read the full report and see the video please visit the Sky News website below.

Saturday, 30 November 2013

#11 IDa4 MURAL IN EUROPE: Milan, Italy, Zebra Hostel

So About Milan

Once again we were blown away by the hostel staff, we enjoyed a night out with Marvin who also runs an excellent and informative walking tour at the weekend, well worth a go, to get the insider knowledge on some of the fantastic sights around the city 

Milan is famous for its wealth of historical and modern sights - the Duomo, one of the biggest and grandest Gothic cathedrals in the world, La Scala, one of the best established opera houses in the globe, an ancient and glamorous arcaded shopping gallery, the Brera art gallery, with some of the finest artistic works in Europe, , the San Siro, a huge and famed stadium, or the Castello Sforzesco, a grand medieval castle and the UNESCO's World Heritage Site Santa Maria alle Grazie Basilica, containing one of the world's most famous paintings: Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper.

So  About the Hostel,

Near Milan's University district, Zebra Hostel has great metro and tram links around the city centre. It offers air-conditioned dormitories and plenty of common areas to socialise with other guests.
In the large common room you will find free Wi-Fi access, computer terminals and fun activities such as table tennis, pool and table football. There is also a bar and a shared kitchen that you can use whenever you like.
The dormitories overlook the courtyard and feature a locker for each bed. There is a shared bathroom on every floor.
The bar is open 24 hours so we were never far from a large Peroni! There is also fantastic food available within a short walk of the hostel  

So About the Art
We carried on the tradition of the life sized stencils holding the monuments of the local area, this is a favourite of every hostel we go to and we like to represent what we do with what they are about. a good mix.

The location we chose was in the main passage way into the hostel. You see it as soon as you enter and leave the hostel, which is really great.  

The monuments we used were the Peace arch, the Duomo and Cattelan's finger monument. If you ever visit Milan we highly recommend going to view this statue, positioned across from the stock exchange it is one of our favourite monuments that we've seen so far

This whole exchange idea has been amazing so far, we paint for free and we stay for free a service for a service. its great mentality to have, a old way of doing things... we believe in it and want to do it more in the future. we hope to live our lives this way... why not?

But in Milan a opportunity came up to paint to social club/nightclub for actual money.  opportunities like this you cannot let go by.  

They wanted IDa4 to paint the main wall with a international theme.  This gave way to a personal project that we have been dying to do for a while.  A huge world map filled with IDa4 iconic images.
The owner liked the idea, we liked the idea, so a small fee was agreed to help us on our joinery, with petrol and food.  all we need is the essentials to make this thing work

This is one of IDa4 favourite pieces he has done on the trip. a chance to let the creative juices run free.