Saturday, 14 December 2013

13# IDa4 MURAL IN EUROPE:Ljubljana, Slovenia. Tresor Hostel

So about Ljubljana

With a dazzling hilltop castle as her crown and the emerald-green Ljubljanica River at her feet, Ljubljana is a small princess. But her pint size conceals a wealth of culture, sights, activities and good old-fashioned fun that would be the envy of a city twice her size. And best of all, everything is within such easy reach

View from Ljubljana castle

Old part of town

So about the Hostel

Former bank transformed into unique urban getaway
Hostel Tresor is a superb example of how a grey and staid home of bankers can be transformed into something lively and cutting edge, about as far from its severe and strict origins as you can imagine. Now, Tresor's most noble currency is the pleasure and experiences of their guests.

I recommend you come and Make your own 'getaway' in this former bank

So about the Art

As I mentioned before this building was formally a bank and only opened in March 2013, so everything was brand new and well thought about. A looked like a lot of investment and love had gone into this place.

So we were thinking where would our art go and what could we do to this new build.  I think the company was worried too, because on our arrival we had a meeting with the architect that designed the concept for the building and the manager of the hostel.

After a friendly discussion we decided to do interactive stencils of a bank robbery scene coming up from the vault in the basement.

The staff were so enthusiastic and loved the idea so much that they wanted to be in it too.  So we had one as a robber trying to escape through the skylight and the other a security guard "on duty"

We were really happy with the outcome of this one and by the looks of the guests going down to the "vault" TV/common room they liked  it too