Monday, 23 September 2013

1# IDa4 MURAL IN EUROPE: Ghent, Belgium. De Draecke Youth Hostel

Our first Hostel on our Travels was the De Draecke Youth Hostel in Ghent, This is part of the Hosteling International group. De Draecke Youth Hostel, Ghent

It's a Big hostel with over 100 beds and is always full, so make sure you book up, The poor guy peter from Belgium had to sleep in the train station till a bed came available. but what a guy!   it's a very chilled hostel with very friendly staff.

The manager Bram  is a amazing guy and with very loyal and approachable staff, it's a great experience staying here.

Bram was our contact here, when we arrived he showed us the wall he wanted doing, which was in the main dining/breakfast area.  It was about 10 meters long and is probably the biggest wall we will have to do, Nothing like starting BIG!

We had a chat and decided to out our friends back in Newcastle on a wall holding the monuments of Ghent.

This way our friends travel with us and we never get lonely :) We had created a large mural back in our home town of Newcastle, which depicted our friends holding local monuments from the North East, we wanted to use these same fingers throughout the trip whilst incorporating local monuments. For this mural we used Gent Castle, The Book Tower, the Bell Tower and used the colours of the Belgian flag.

Bram wanted some quotes cutting for the wall, so we had a big job on our hands as they were very long and took all day to cut out, but in the end they were inspiring  quotes and looked good on the wall.