Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Berlin and Pfingst-Open-Air 2013

Pfingst-Open-Air (POA) and BERLIN       

We arrived in Berlin to pick our friend Rose up and set off on a bit of a road trip, we meet up with some old friends in Ant from Newcastle and a new one called Tom who lives on “wagon village” on the outer edge of Berlin,  we also got the brakes fixed on the van and then head off to the countryside. 

We said just outside of Dresden on a camper site before moving on to see the The Bastei Bridge in the mountains in the very south of Germany. 

 After this we decided to cross the border over to spend a few days exploring in Czech Republic, we did some nice walks and climbed trees and stayed near Karlovy Vary.  We set off for the festival in high sprites but as soon as we crossed back over to Germany we were randomly stopped by the police for a search, they searched everywhere, I mean everywhere, but found nothing, oh well on to the festival.

Pfingst-Open-Air Festival 2013

We were invited over to a music festival in Southern Germany, near the town of Passau.  This is a great festival ran by Nick & Burnd.  They have their army of helpers but in reality its like a really big family. 

We were asked to paint the cocktail bar and the “stateopia” park while also giving stencil workshops to willing volunteers.

We started first on the cocktail bar, before the festival started, this was in between the construction and wielding staff had finished building the bar.  We worked during the night to try to get it finished for the opening.  The free food and drinks helped and with a few finishing touches we just managed it, we hope to come back next year to finish it off.

 On the Friday we painted the skate park with IDa4’s political piece from the Olympics, this created a little bit of a stir with the local paper doing a piece on it.

On the Saturday we held the workshops and had some keen volunteer, who we showed how to do 3 to 4 layer stencils on old viynls.  They were happy to find out that they could take it home for free.

On the Sunday we had a little party in the cocktail bar that we help create and then took part in the giant water fight and meet some amazing people.

Thanks everyone involved and we hope to be back again next year