Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Beat Farm: Belgium Free Festival

As our time on Continental Europe was coining to an end, we had a spare weekend before we got the ferry back over to the UK for a friends wedding.

We were looking at Antwerp night life, as this has never let us down, and Amsterdam as this is just a crazy place, then i some how managed to find this small free festival in the middle of the Belgium countryside and to me the equation goes:

Free Weekend X Free Festival =  PARTY!

Beat Farm Festival is a free festival that takes place annually in Essen in the north of Antwerp. On Friday, July 11th is the theme of 'brown café with performances. On Saturday, July 12th will be a DJ festival with three stages

Beatfarm as we later found out was started by a group of friends who wanted to put on a party every year so they could all meet up after moving away.

They started with only one tent and a handful of people now it has grown to 4 tents and 500+ people.

It's a really friendly place and we were the only people from the UK.  But the Belgium’s know how to party!

We spent the majority of our time with all the locals mostly parting in our van, this happens a lot! 

But we made some new friends here and hopefully we will meet up with them once
again when in Belgium.

Once at the festival, we got in touch with the owners of the festival and we offered our services and we got about stenciling the place.

this is the results: