Thursday, 13 February 2014

14# IDa4 MURAL IN EUROPE:Ljubljana, Slovenia. BIT Center Hotel

About the BIT Center Hotel

The Bit Centre hotel Ljubljana was completely renovated at the beginning of 2012.  And as you can tell, for the first time on our travels we stayed in a HOTEL, instead of a hostel.  The BIT Hostel and Hotel are linked and in the same building, as much as we like staying in hostels (we find them the best way to meet people, be it fellow travellers or people from the local area) we made the most of our stay at the Hotel.  

This was a BIT of luxury, with a flat screen TV, en suite facilities, this was the first time we hardly ever ventured outside, (this might have also due to the fact that the Slovenian winter had descended on us and was -5 outside).  

We were also at the tail end of our trip and it was nice just to relax a bit, and take in what we had achieved in the 4 months we had been away. 

We took the relaxing to the max and used all of the facilities in the hotel, which had a huge private gym and a sports hall  , we relaxed in the Sauna, we pondered in the Bar and we finally contemplated over the lovely breakfast.

The staff at this hostel/hotel just like all our previous experiences were spot on, and were made very welcome.

About the Art

We were asked to decorate one of the hotel rooms, with a theme from our travels and  we thought that a montage in browns would suit the room and the surroundings

We had quite a selection of stencils to use after 14 hostels, so we went about and changed this room and hopefully it will put a smile on peoples faces when they stay in the room.

have a look at the video
IDa4 painting the BitHostel, ljubljana slovenia