Friday, 14 February 2014

Winter Olympics Protest Piece with Pictures

To time with the opening ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympics, IDa4 produced  a new mural to

 highlight the plight of the LGBT community & their supporters in Russia.

Despite seven months of international outcry, Russia's law restricting gay-rights activity remains in place.

This new mural was a protest to the way that the LGBT community has been vilified in Russia with the recently passed Gay propaganda law.  This inhumane new law will be in full effect at the Sochi Winter Olympics. 

With the backing of local business man Adrian Gadd, who owns a number of businesses within the Newcastle gay quadrant, IDa4 painted his protest mural on a prominent wall within Newcastle city centre. This will hopefully serve to be a sign of support from the people of Newcastle and especially the North East  LBGT community.

We timed this to be in conjunction with the opening weekend, to show the IOC, its huge cooperate sponsors and the general public the reality of this brutal new law and that LGBT people must not be targeted with violence or deprived of their ability to advocate for their own equality.

We were fortunate, that this piece was picked up by the local and national media, and this piece went viral.

We had emails from all over the world, from Brazil to Australia.  But the ones that really made us feel like it was worth it, was from a gay teenager in Russia thanking us for raising awareness to this issue.

I'll not put all the links up from the numinous websites, but i think the best and most meaningful one was from The Guardian news paper, a UK national news agency.

Sochi Winter Olympics: Newcastle street art protests against Russia's anti-gay laws - video

Thanks for all the message of support.