Friday, 18 April 2014

The Art Exchange Tour: The Second Leg

The Art Exchange Tour: The Second Leg is currently in the planning, following the recognition of Ida4’s work post the Sochi-games piece, it promises to be one of the best yet, with the Netherlands, followed by Germany the starting point.

 While we have been back in the UK, we can't thank everyone for there help in helping us on our way.  There are far too many to thank but i'll try and sorry if I've missed you out, but  thank you all the same:

Helen Raffery: The advice, support and time you put in we thank you long time, Helen has a great blog and it's well  worth a read

Michael McGuire: You legend! Thanks for letting us take over your photography studio and giving us time and space to get the next set of photos done for the exchange tour, your advice and patience was well appreciated.  Micheal has a great blog with a section of his photographs on

 BDstudios:  James, Alex and Stu and alll the people in Commercial Union House for letting us have floor 3 for our exhibition and party there, and thanks for what you do, keep on doing it, and thanks for being handsome!  check out their faceboook page: 

Sandy at the Arches - a great place, with a great set of people, cheers for sorting out the van painting and you're continued support and banter 

Helen Griffiths - She is a great video editor and put together a promo of the first leg which can be seen here.

Liz Cummings - who came down and took some great photos of the night, which were on the blog entry just before.   she has a Facebook page check it out:                                                       

We would like to thank Chloe for helping with the DJ's and all the lasers, the DJ's who made sure the dance floor was pumping, all the performers, Newcastle's finest drag queens who volunteered there time in making this night one of the best and most surreal nights of the year! (check out there monthly night in Newcastle ( If you came cheers! thanks for the support and we hopefully will  be doing another one in August