Monday, 4 November 2013

#7 IDa4 MURAL IN EUROPE: Zürich, Switzerland, City Backpacker

So About Zurich

Zürich is a city whose reputation precedes it - Its expensive, bloody expensive! one barman told me it was between here and Oslo for the most expensive place to live in the world!! that was after I'd just bought a pint of Guinness in a bar for 9.5 Swiss Franc's roughly about £8, but all was forgiven because, said bar, was where I watched  Sunderland beat their arch rivals Newcastle 2-1. Bitter Sweet taste...

But seriously everything is at a premium here, Switzerland in general is expensive, so budget good and budget well if you come.  

Apart from that Zurich is located on a picturesque river and lake whose water you can drink, easy to get around and a stranger to the hassled lifestyle that defines bigger cities, this affluent, fashion-conscious place enjoys the finest things in life. (if you can afford it)

I don't think it's really set out for backpacker life, as a couple of young Aussies told us they paid 27 Swiss Franc's for 2 Kebabs. The staple of a backpackers diet..

But it is worth it with the views of the lake and the alps in the background, a lovely walk around the lake, with its beautiful parks and vibrant  street performers  everywhere.

So About the Hostel

CityBackpacker - Hotel/Hostel Biber is located in the pedestrian area right in the heart of the beautiful and lively old part of town.

The team here do its best to keep this old building looking and feeling fresh, the manager Reto, with his team of Ruth and Albert do a sterling job. Don't forget to check out the roof terrace view. Also this was the first time we stayed in a dorm room, we can only apologise for synchronised snoring that the other guests must have endured. 

We bonded with Reto over Swiss larger and break beat dance music. He was more than accommodating with us and even got us on the guest list for Gonzo Club, a class cool basement night club, with queues round the block, it's so nice to once in your life swan up to the front and get in straight away.

We were given 24 Swiss Francs out of his Reto's own money and told on his instructions to ask at the bar for Tequila, Gold Tequila with orange and cinnamon!  this was something very new to us and we enjoyed so much we got another 4 rounds in, the last round was on the barmaid, who joined us in shooting back this loveliest of shots.  (i can only imagine the free round was because of our free style dad dancing!) But anyway this part of town 'Züri-West' district used to be industrialised but now its inhabited by a younger, hipper crowd and has a similar  feel and buzz as Berlin's Prenzlauerberg or Mitte.

So About the Art

In this Hostel there was not a lot of space to do the large wall pieces that we had done in other hostels,

 so we came to the decision to do 30 unique vinyl art for the hostel to put up in their room.

The main thing that Reto wanted was to have signs up around in the common room to suggest to people to get off your phones and start interacting with people.  We came up with some sayings and stuck them on the vinyl's.  We also used the multi language words on this piece.  

They wanted some colour brought in to the plain rooms, so for this hostel we used a wider range of brighter colours.

This is the rooms before the vinyl's where put on and here are the finished vinyl, As of yet we don't have the photos from them on the wall as they were waiting till the rooms were free to hang them, but as soon as they send me the photos I'll stick them up.