Monday, 18 November 2013

#9 IDa4 MURAL IN EUROPE: Baden, Switzerland, Baden Youth Hostel

So about Baden

The small town of Baden is today both an industrial-urban settlement just outside of Zurich with modern city facilities, but is also a tranquil thermal spa resort and cultural centre – a town of contrasts.

So About the Hostel

One of Switzerland’s best-looking hostels, this has grey slate floors, earth-red walls and top-quality materials. Members of Hosteling International pay about 20% less and it has all of the facilities that you would expect or could need. It's located in tranquil surroundings with view over the city, we had some of the best nights sleeps since the trip began, and it didn't take us long to relax into the laid back atmosphere of the area

So about our Hosts.

We were blown away by the hospitality of our hosts while we stayed in Baden. Dennis and Anya were absolutely amazing with us.  After sharing a beer with Dennis on our arrival, he suggested that we join him and Anya on a guided tour around their city, this was a great day, they took us all the way up to the top of the ruined castle with the best views of the city. 

We headed down to their favorite coffee house and were introduced to the lovely snack of Baden  called Spanischbrödli (small spanish bread).  We then strolled down to the thermal spa part of town where there is a public foot spa as well as the second ever fitted Schindler lift in the world.  We took our socks and shoes off  at the foot spa, dipped our feet in the lush warm water and watched the world and the river go by. beautiful!! After a day exploring the city we had a huge selection of monuments to include in this mural

They also took us to the thermal water spout, where the water is full of minerals and is really good for you, only one draw back it tastes of eggs! check  out chris first reaction to the taste..

looks like the Roman guy behind had the same reaction.. Egg water joke, making people laugh since 906AD

There hospitality didn't end there, on our last night they surprised us with a traditional meal out on the balcony with blankets over our legs and we were introduced  to the national dish of cheese fondue, lovingly made my Dennis, The Swiss wine that they bought for the occasion was a first for us too and a perfect accompaniment to the meal.   

That night we stayed up late, chatting and putting the world to rights and in the process made two very special friends.  We are going to miss you two and we hope you enjoy your trip to Hawaii, you both deserve it.

cheese fondue and Swiss wine night

So about the Art.

Dennis had to put in some really hard work to get this art on the wall in Baden. it's an old building with a traditional feel, but the inside had been made modern and the room that we did, didn't get used much because it looked and felt a bit clinical.  

We were given a patch of the wall next to the glass doors, which limited our space and this meant we had to be more creative with the wall. 

We were happy to get back to the running theme of giant figures holding monuments of the local area, this worked really well with the Baden tower and the castle ruin along with the old wooden bridge that we used to .

While we were doing our art, planning it, taking the photos, cutting out the different layers, spraying them on the wall, we could tell that Dennis was really interested in this process, so for the first time IDa4 took him through a personal journey on the process of his work.

 Dennis was so enthusiastic at every stage and was a quick learner. We gave him all the tools he needs now to become a professional stenciler too, we look forward to seeing the results.

Dennis and Anya were so nice to us and made us feel like we didn't want to leave, just before we left they came over with hugs and a  bag each full of wine, chocolate, tobacco, juice, Swiss army knives, key rings, juice! it was just a perfect present for a perfect couple of days.

We made a wee present for them too...