Wednesday, 6 November 2013

#8 IDa4 MURAL IN EUROPE: Basel, Switzerland, BaselBackPack

So about Basel

Basel is home to top-flight art galleries, museums and avant-garde architecture, and boasts an enchanting Old Town.

So about the Hostel 

The reason the description about Basel is so small is because we hardly left the hostel, it's a great pace to spend a few days. This Hostel is ran and owned by a pair called Thomas and Stefan,  What lovely and welcoming people they were with us. When we need  art supplies, they paid the cost, when we needed a beer they gave us a beer, when we said we've bought our own beer, they said have a shot of Swiss liquor, top blokes!

This hostel has a great urban vibe about it, with lots of art all over the place, from the huge jungle scene leading up the stairs to a graffiti piece done by a young skater, but the biggest influence has to be by Stefan one of the owners and a really good artist too.  His collages and artist touches make this feel like a cool and happening place.

We would also say a big thank you for Thomas for buying 10 of the IDa4 vinyl art. What we do with the exchange idea is amazing in the fact that money is never involved, and we like that.  We don't want to profit from this experience, that's not the point, but we all need to eat and the vinyl art is the way we support our self on the road. SO A BIG THANK YOU THOMAS x

The Rooms are to a very high standard and the one we stayed in felt like a New York apartment.  When We were there they were in the middle of converting some space into two luxury apartment type rooms, if they are up to the standard of our room, they will absolutely lush!

So About the Art

It's nice when you come to a hostel and the owners give you carte blanche to do your art and don't have a tight brief in what they want.  This was the case here with the amazing Thomas just saying, please make the common room a more brighter and happier place. This we can do...

With this Room IDa4 wanted the feeling of Heart, Body, Mind and Soul.  With them all interacting with each other on the three walls.