Wednesday, 2 October 2013

DOK Market and ROA Urban Exploration

 We were privileged enough to take part in the last ever DOK market .

A Little About DOK

Since June 2011 DOK turned the abandoned site of the Ghent Old Docks temporarily into a lively and inspiring meeting place where small concerts, sports, exhibitions,  films, refreshing ideas, piracy and a touch of madness happened.  It's an amazing site, they made their own beach, bar, restaurant.  It's a hub for artists of all kind and it's a very open minded, creative place, and unfortunately it is getting demolished to become office's and apartments.... Such is Life..
Every Sunday they would hold a flea market where, people would sell their wares, it has a specialist music section selling rare vinyl's. 

A Little About IDa4 @ DOK

So after staying at the Eco Hostel with Maarten and Liselot, they suggested that we might take part in the market on the Sunday we were in Ghent.  its only €5 to have a spot so what the worst that could happen...

So we deiced to sell the IDa4 vinyl's with iconic images on.  We prepared a few the night before, but then we did the rest at the market as a live art show.  

You can order your own from

This created a nice crowd at times and we sold quite a bit (this means we could eat this week ha) but we had a lot of interest from the Ghent crowd and we are hoping for a couple of collaboration from a local arts promoter and a woman who made ceramics for a living.

People loved the idea and we also sprayed CD's and single vinyl's. You might just hear about us doing more markets because it went down really well. 

We stuck around and spent some of our hard earned Euro's on Belgium beer and cocktails.. it would be rude not too... But we glad we did because we were fortunate enough to see the band Fifty Foot Combo, a Ghent band with a  big cult following.. the only way I can describe their style is  The Shadows on Acid! with a 1920's female Film noir lead  keyboard player. But they were absolutely amazing and we danced till we literately passed out..

Look carefully and you just might see us at the front...


                   ROA Urban Exploration 

A Little About ROA 

ROA is the pseudonym of a graffiti artist from Ghent, Belgium. He has created works on the streets of cities across Europe and the United States. ROA generally paints wild animals or birds in black and white.

While in Ghent we were told of a disused factory where where is 30+ of ROA's  work, many belive this is where he developed his stlye and practicsed it, his schooling days..

This used to be a textile factory and is massive, its in a state of disarray and is now dangerous place to visit and is currently projected to be demolished next year This is a massive shame because all this street art will be lost for yet again more apartments and offices, oh joy of joys... 

This is just a few of the amazing pieces hidden in the building..