Friday, 4 October 2013

Shooting in Europe.

Some of my personal favorite photos I've taken on our trip.
(I'll keep updating the photos as i go)

Always in my Thoughts.. — in Dunkerque, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France

The Fallen Angel Shop by night
Typical quirky Ghent Shop. Belgium

Forrest of Dean Field. UK

Retro Tables, Gent, Belgium

Gent Café, Belgium

Ghent Castle Moon Shot. Belgium

Ghent Center Busy Day. Belgium

Gent Smoker, Belgium

Portsmouth Harbor. UK

Prawn Supper. Max the Van

ROA RATS in a Disused Gent Factory, Belgium

ROA RATS 2 in a Disused Gent Factory, Belgium

Brugge Houses. Belgium

Gent Ally, Belgium

Brugge Tabak Shop, Belgium
Dockside Sunset, Antwerp, Belgium

Art Deco Escalators, Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp Sticks, Belgium

Leaving on a Boat, Dover, UK

I see the  Moon in Goes, Netherlands

Goes Town centre, Zeeland, Netherlands
Sit & Wait in Antwerp Tunnel, Belgium
Goes River, Netherlands

Where next at Zurich Lake, Zurich, Switzerland

Follow the Signs at Colmor, Frnace

Sun Set at Sun Set at Village Neuf, St Louis, France

Lost in Conversation at Zurich Lake, Switzerland

Waiting and Thinking at Zurich Lake, Switerland

Looking out to Zurich Lake, Switzerland

Top of the Roof Tops at Zurich, Switzerland

Graffiti Canoe, Amsterdam Noord.
Walking the Line in Basel, Switzerland
I Stand Alone in Basel, Switzerland

People on the Hill, Basel, Switzerland

Old Woman Walking to the City in Basel, Switzerland

     Roa Art in the Abandoned Graffiti Town of Doel, Belgium — in Doel, Belgium.
Graffiti Street, Dusseldorf, Germany

Late Evening on Dusseldorf Bridge, Germany
Church on a mountain, Fluelen, Switzerland
Sit and Think at Lake Como, Italy
Lakeside at Fluelen, Switzerland
Sunset in Basel, Switzerland

Como Thinkers, Lake Como, Italy

Swiss Lake in Fluelen, Switzerland