Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Meanwhile back in the UK

Barca Art Cafe Review, Tynemouth, UK

Last year IDa4 collaborated with a North Eastern restaurateur , the owner commissioned him to turn the main wall in the Barca Art Cafe in a Ida4 original montage of stencil images.

This process took 4 days to finish and has a great impact on the business and feel of the room, this is the latest review  for the Sunday Sun dated 06/10/13.

"Mrs Eats isn't usually much of an arts fan.
When food's involved, though she'll pretend to like anything.
Hence, when we checked out Barca Art Cafe her praise for the decor boarded on the rapturous - and involved a lot of big words I suspect she didn't know the meaning of...
. ..rotating dappled lights scanned pictures of Jimi Hendrix, Marilyn Monroe, Jonny Cash and the like, while a subversive wall mosaic included phases like 'vote for ginger' and, most disturbingly 'your face is like a magnet for my fist' Admittedly, though it worked. And, with the restaurant brimming worth people of all ages, it's clearly not alienating anyone."

Sunday Sun dated 06/10/13.

                        The Finished Piece 

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